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April 16, 2009



Why is there no refund policy listed on the web site? I never thought this business was a hoax but has lots about it that has an aspect of scam, all of this buzz on Best Friends, etc. and the whole point is to sell memberships, etc. If this airline is anything like "Companion Air" which was likely the owners last venture (although they changed the names) this is just a small plane that takes FOREVER to transport your pet across the country while a large commercial jet would be much less traumatic due to much time involved, plus Pet Airways is requiring an overnight etc. What I would like to have answered, has anyone made a reservation, it seems the web site will take your cash but before you hit the "pay" button there is no info about refund at all?


Did you hear Renee Montagne's interview with Alysa Binder on Morning Edition today? http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104038148

I thought of you (and your fascinating investigative research). Would love to see a Telescreen.org update of the new business enterprise whose clientele are referred to as "pawsengers."

david albert

I am reading this with great interest. I just had one of the worst experiences with a company and customer service that I have ever had.

Let me backtrack. I was excited to know of Pet Airways so I could fly my Greater Swiss Mountain Dog with me to CA from Chicago for a lengthy holiday visit int he former. In July, I went on-line to make a reservation--the page was screwy and sent a notice that the reservation did not go through. I called at least 15 times, with no response. So, I went back on-line--this time making a reservation for a GIANT kennel, just to be sure (measuring instructions were not clear on the page at that time, and since MOST dogs are measured at the withers, all this was unclear). My confirmation came back with "Extra large" I immediately emailed (about three times) and someone named Joel finally responded saying that he would check into a GIANT kennel--This ws JULY 30! I never heard back, so assumed it was ok.

Imagine my surprise when, on December 14, I received a letter from STEVE, and decided to call to make sure I had a GIANT. I did not. I called all over pet airways--noone would respond, noone. Joel was MIA. Finally--after two days of constant trying, someone called to tell me I had an extra large, but they would make it work. I took my dog to Petsmart trying to see if she would fit. NO WAY. I asked for a refund, since it was a PETS AIRWAYS error. They were extremely rude (although I will say that DENISE at Reservations tried hard to help). They told me I would get a credit and just could sell it on EBAY--just what I wanted--to spend more time!

This company is BUYER BEWARE. There were many more mistakes, and the lack of followthrough and attention to detail makes me wonder about other safety issues. Now, I must travel without my dog (there were over $1500 in extra expenses getting to and from the designated airports--driving to Chicago, hotel, driving from LA to SF, my final destination, hotels etc. etc.



Interesting topic. David, have you filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau? They have a total of 6 complaints, 4 are similar to yours.

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