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March 28, 2009



the interior shots of the Hotelicopter are lifted off the Yotel site


Funny how the same information can lead to different conclusions... based on everything you pulled together, it sounds like a definite hoax to me. An elaborate one, sure, but not like that hasn't been done plenty of times before (the kittens-in-a-jar guy comes to mind). But things like a fleet of 20 planes -- including a 727 -- the lack of registration with the FAA, the implausibility of this being a workable financial concept, etc etc... not buying it.

Anyway, thanks for putting it together.


I enjoyed the detective work. The update will surely come in time...


excellent research! When I saw "recruiters" the word SCAM came into my head. I don't know why. Maybe because Florida is the boiler room capital of the country.

Merritt Clifton

The "Pet Airways" flack is extremely similar to the material that was distributed in 2002 by "Rick and Diana Roof" of "Companion Airways." They generated publicity for most of a year from people who don't verify material from press releases before passing it on, then seemed to vanish completely.

Eileen Weintraub

Agree completely with above comment from Merritt Clifton! Followed Companion Air too and whatever came of that?


Actually, it is a real airlines. Go to Best Friends Society. They've partnered with them to transport rescue animals across the nation.


They have flushed out their site more. They've also partnered with a freight carrier to handle their operations. They also some major player partners, of which Best Friends Animal Society is one.

Considering that Delta just left 10 animals outside in TEXAS today and killed 6 of the 10 due to extreme heat, 2 of the remaining 4 are fighting for survival now, the established airlines aren't all that great...and they have no damn excuse.

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The "Pet Airways" flack is very like the material that was distributed in 2002 by "Rick and Diana Roof" of "Companion Airways." They generated publicity for many of the year from people who don't verify material from press announcements before passing it on, then seemed to vanish completely.

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