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December 09, 2008



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Glad you shared this, Dan. This only adds to the misurtst many in the public may feel for the media, though the way the editors put it this story out there, I am much more likely to go back and trust these same news outlets again.I definitley would have loved part of my J-school curriculum to be more on ethics. You're right, facing an F' or disciplinary board is much better than making this mistake in the real world. But I think adding it to the curriculum would be a good preventative measure. The two cardinal sins of journalism speaks volumes because it shows a lack of credibility and integrity on the part of the journalist. And these are two things a journalist really needs. Without these, no one will want to talk to the journalist (unless they share an agenda) or trust that the journalist (or news outlet for that matter) will publish the truth. It leaves those media folks open to further misurtst, which is probably why they have to cut bait and not stand by the reporter.I feel sorry for the journalist, but it wasn't a one strike and you're out. There were many occassions outlined in the Middleton Press article, showing a pattern.

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Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.

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