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October 11, 2008



First, I also work at the N&O. Second, I love working there. Third, I have eecxrienpe working directly with executives at several companies. Fourth, I'm not a newsroom employee. Here's the deal:People don't like B.S. and Mr. Weaver has plenty of it. When it comes to belt tightening, the ones that call the shots aren't included. He wants us to think $210 is a 'budget conscious' place to spend a night. WRONG. It's the wrong message to send an organization. If we submit $210/night hotel expenses we get dragged into an office to get ripped a new ass. But this Mr. Weaver is different. No one EVER questions his expenditures. Except the people at the bottom.His executive status buys him exemption from Finance Department oversight because of his huge expense account.Fact is, amidst the political hating and booty-puckering, this issue is OPENLY DISCUSSED by employees in many departments. NEGATIVELY.The way employees see Weaver right now, is this way:He's asking us to trim expenses, so his bonus will be bigger. PERIOD. So while 30 people seem to now do the work of 75, 'Mr. Caviar' wants us to do it for less, so his family can eat better. If he'd stayed at a Motel 8, his reception wouldn't have been negative by the employees... And this blog wouldn't have been necessary. Take note... Mr. Caviar. You're not just being watched by them politicking tap dancers in the newsroom. The rest of us watch too.

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