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February 10, 2008



Interesting in theory and exiuetcon, but not something I'd wan't to spend too much time playing. Maybe if this catches on we'll get some features with which to make actual interactive videos.


When a reporter paeriagizls a story, it a personal failing of honesty and professional ethics and not the fault of an assignment editor or a J-school professor.Nancy, that is a woefully simplistic view of the situation. It fails the fundamental attribution error test, and assumes that everyone has the exact same professional ethics that you have.Clearly you have not been exposed to the bulk of modern college students that have an intrinsically hard time understanding the concept of cheating after being raised for 18 years to believe that collaborating and sharing ideas is the paragon of virtue, coupled with the elimination of competition for personal betterment from both academics and athletics in many, if not most, schools.After all, what does Facebook encourage everyone to do with a post they find interesting? To share it on their own Wall. What's good in Facebook is a fireable offense in journalism. And we wonder why mixing journalism and social media is a bad idea

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