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November 21, 2007


Keith Irwin

I got to see Galactic in concert when they came through Raleigh. They had Lif and Boots with them, but not Chali 2na, so it's nice to get to hear him. I need to see if I can find a recording of Galactic from the earlier leg of the tour where they had Chali instead of Lif since they probably did a large number of songs with him.

I also wanted to to throw a note in that "We Are The Ones" isn't really a Galactic composition. It's composed by Boots Riley (of the Coup) who is also the fellow rapping on it (and sounding like he might be starting to lose his voice some, but then, it's the last day of a two or more month tour). It's a Coup song being played by Galactic. In concert they did six songs with Boots (not counting the encore with all the rappers). Of those, five were Coup songs and one was the new song he did with Galactic. The amount of Coup material they did was kind of surprising to me, but also pretty cool. In total, it was like 12 tracks of Galactic stuff and 5 tracks of Coup stuff. The Coup generally tours with a live band, so it wasn't flabbergasting, but still it definitely suggests the esteem that the band has for Boots and his work. I tend to hold him in pretty high esteem myself, but it's nice to see other's appreciating him and exposing his music to an audience which may not be familiar with it.

By the way, if you're thinking about that Sansa mp3 player as being something which could be used for concert recording, it really can't. Honestly, given the recording quality there wouldn't be any point to putting a mic input on it. That said, as an mp3 player, it should probably be good. I went ahead and bought a couple to serve as thank-you presents for my brothers for serving as groomsmen in the wedding.

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