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January 09, 2006



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Mmm, they know if this also applies to compsriaon levitra viagra and foreign programs to it compsriaon levitra viagra television, or just you are wanted it to apply bloggers? Piko hears, then if you say that they are going away to become attached voluntarily to this norm, they are going to mention when the bottle that is proving has given them the product or distributor?


Jack, are you kidding? I am a Baby Boomer. I did noihtng but worked my entire life from age 13 and until today. Everyone I know and respect ( that is, in my age range), is pretty much like me.I see 70 years of raising shitlamic imperialist thrust, using liberal movements all over the world, being really guilty in pushing America The Great towards self-destruction for shitlamic delight. Especially under fuhrer hussein obama. So how am I responsible for the sins you've outlined?


I thank every one, born after 1939 especially those in power who deicded everyone has a right to home ownership and pressured banks to make bad loans. Also those who deicded job loss over the last 50 years was OK. .Short List


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* Viagra – Go Hardcore.I would think a having a hard one would slow you down in a race, unlses you're wearing compression shorts, but that would hurt. Not to mention the embarrassing bulge in your shorts while socializing after the race.Some of those guys shorts are so small, there's no extra room to carry an extra baton.


You have noooooooo idea how much I could bnefeit from a new fridge. In fact, I was just battling with the produce door. I'm pretty sure my fridge was born in the 1800s. The doors constantly jam and make a huge racket andddd put me in a downright bad mood when I'm trying to a) hurry or b) be quiet because others in the house are sleeping.But alas, these silly contests are not open to us poor Canadians so I'll be suffering with my ancient fridge until I happen to win the lottery!


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