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January 10, 2006


czeltic girl

Ok, next time I'm in town, you guys are so taking me here. I must find the source of The Perfect Sidecar. Mmm.


"99.5% of bartenders will leave out the bitters or add water (or worse yet, soda) or muddle everything into a thick goo, or otherwise ruin perfectly good whiskey. I didn't have a good Old Fashioned until I learned how to make them at home."

In the immortal words of Dean Martin, "What could go wrong with an Old Fashioned?"


hahahaha! I remember those days! I was never an every day drikner but all of a sudden I was living vicariously through my friends that could drink. I wanted to have drinks that I never even considered in the past, such as drinks with crazy umbrellas or too much fruit hanging off the side anything with alcohol! Until I had my child. Then I could drink again and I just didn't care anymore or I was just too darn tired to! lol


Getting older SUCKS! Sure you could catch a Danny Glover or maybe a Bill Cosby commercial where they talk about how bfaitueul aging is ..but I don't think I'm into it. . . . Going Out isn't what it once was for me. When you're in your late teens early twenties it was that feeling of freedom. It was new and exciting. Entering a shitty little bar in our town was fun. For me personally, it was about hoping to meet someone. I mean there was no other reason to go out. You want to catch a buzz find a girl - then catch some honey on your stinger. Immature, I know but so is the entire routine.I rolled with a group of guys that loved drugs as well .so if i were to go out, I was literally going to EVERY bar at the oceanfront (minus the cave/peabodies) EVERY bar on shore drive (minus the reef) .and sometimes Granby Street .in one night.Now in my late twenties i feel burnt out on the bar scene completely. Screaming over top of shitty music I don't want to listen to anyway just to have a conversation with someone isn't fun anymore. But i guess that might put things in perspective for me right there In closing I must say there are elements involved that play a role in whether or not drinking socially is fun or not. It matters where you are geographically. On vacation living somewhere killer bfaitueul weather (these elements matter.) 80degrees, blue skies and bike rides I'm in the mood for activity. 30degrees, grey skies VaBeach winter I'll have a beer at home, with good friends and great conversation. I have enough honey on my stinger. 1 likes


I'm stuck between two sancerios, one where I drink at home and do drugs at the bar, or alternatively I drink at the bar and do drugs at home.I'm going to choose to be social and only drink at the bar. The stigma associated with being the Oh no thanks, I don't drink [here] or the Excuse me bartender (whispering) can I have a ginger ale but can you make it look like a scotch and soda guy is too much for me to bear. Not to mention the later case will require a disproportionate tip to the keep the bartender from ratting you out to your friends.Also, recreational drug use is far more acceptable in the comfort of one's home. As drunk as people get I'm sure they'll notice that handful of pills you just slugged back in lieu of a PBR (did I mention stigma already?) 4 likes

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