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December 13, 2005


czeltic girl

Thank you. You've more than eloquently said what I've tried to on the occasions where someone has mentioned in my presence that female anchors are nothing more than window dressing.

And man, are you right about the J-schools. Or at least you were when I was still in one in the not-too-distant past. I had no problem getting the editing work I was looking for or getting time with the profs to talk about reporting skills. Everyone else was too busy fighting to be in front of the cameras.

S.W. Anderson

Of talking heads, some with pretty faces, we have many. Of anchor-grade journalists we have but few.

I continue to be impressed with Keith Olbermann. Yes, he does humorous schtick. But along with that he does some of the sharpest and best-prepared interrogation outside of PBS studios. He's exhibits a knack for honoring common sense and asking most of the questions I would ask.

Makes me wish he could give corporate teammates Tim and Brian some OJT.

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