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May 19, 2005



I'm appalled, but not surprised. Cheating on the part of this administration will never surprise me. They embody the true definition of cheating, lying, thieving. What shocks me is that the American public cares more about the latest George Lucas cash-fest than about the illegal, immoral doings of their government.

Karl Maher

You people kill me. In 1975, Democrats changed the cloture threshold from 67 to 60 votes -- and they did it by majority vote. Why 60? Because there were 60 Democrats in the Senate in 1975. For the balance of the 94th Congress, the minority had no right to filibuster -- on judges or on legislation.


But that was done by legally changing the rules of the Senate. What Frist & Co. want to do is not to legally change the rules, but rather reap the political benefits of a rule change without actually having the sufficient number of votes to actually change the rules.

You know, if the Senate Republican caucus wants to change the cloture threshold to 55, or even 51 votes, that's fine. But it'll take them 67 votes to do so, and that's how the system works.

What Mansfield did in 1975 was opportunistic, yes...but was it indeed done with a simple majority vote? (I thought it took a two-thirds vote to change Senate rules.)

What Frist and Cheney are proposing to do is declare the entire 200+ year precedent of the Senate unconstitutional, simply for the sake of a power grab.

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