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April 05, 2005



I could not possibly be expected to put into words how fucking cool I think this is.


@ Amanda Happy to amuse as always. @ Farzan If you're cuurois to see it, it's actually a prequel. While the movie has set itself as a sequel (there's a fleeting, and unimportant, reference to "past events"), you don't need to have seen TDC to get this flick.If you're cuurois to see it give it a look!


Joanna, The talking poitns plugin looks very interesting I'll definitely be checking that out. Like Cath, I've been trying to use comments as a jumping off point for new posts. Recently I did a rather lengthy post highlighting recent commenter ideas (I think the idea came from you!) and it was really interesting. BTW who are those handsome looking gentlemen at the top of your post? Brad Shorrs last blog post..

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