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April 05, 2005



John, I SO wanted to cctoradint you, but you're dead right now that I've watched it, it's the most ridiculous (and gay) dance scene ever included in a movie. Also, the next time I get into a bar brawl, I must remember to drop into the box splits when the first guy throws a dig at me. That'll have them pissing down their legs . with laughter.


If the joke was about sex with Willow (as Palin interpreted it), it is by dfineition rape since minors are, under current law, unable to give consent. Someone didn’t do his due diligence.The right to consent, or not consent, to sex accrues to the individual when he or she becomes a biological adult that is, onset of menses for the female (plus development of secondary sexual characteristics such as mammary gland growth, pelvic widening, growth of public hair), and onset of spermatogenesis for the male (plus secondary sexual characteristics such as voice changing, growth of facial, body, and pubic hair). It is tyrannical for the State to impose an arbitrary age of consent in place of individual rights. Statutory rape becomes a mockery of justice when involving post-pubescent adults.By the way, Ayn R Key is a cute pun on Ayn Rand and anarchy, but I need to tell you that I don't take seriously the opinions of anyone who won't stand up for them using a real-world name.

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