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April 06, 2005



This is the kind of shit that makes me SEETHE in the presence of most humans. Call me intolerant, call me a snob, but rampant stupidity makes me break out in hives. I would have grabbed her by the shoulders and shaken her, screaming, "The song is about desperation and SEX, fuckwad!" And then feel superior as all hell when the unnamed coffee shop bouncers bounce you right out on your ass.

BTW, I'd be interested in finding out who recorded that cover (never heard a female cover the song).


Yeah, neither had I, and looking in the "Tributes and Covers" section at leonardcohenfiles.com was what led me to believe it was Daniele Pascal.

In general, I'm not one for Leonard Cohen covers ('cause his voice adds so much to the songs), aside from Jeff Buckley's transcendent "Hallelujah", but this particular one was nice and caught my attention.


K.D. Lang, Canada's greatest lesbian cowgirl crooner, did a terrific version. It's possible that your downstairs neighbor would have a copy, Vidiot.


Really? I'll have to check it out. She's a marvelous singer.

czeltic girl

Ooh. I'll have to check those covers out, too. Jeff Buckley's version makes me swoon. Never heard a woman cover it, though. Bet that'd be fantastic.

And I'm with Ayelet. People like that woman make me insane.

Christmas music. Sheesh. (Why do I get the feeling Leonard Cohen would get a laugh out of that, though?)


They say there is a secret song
that's played at Christmas, I can't be wrong
but you don't know what that tune is, do ya?
this song was written by a Jew
a holiday jingle
we never knew
The sullen Cohen composing Halleluja

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

She said the song was christmaslike
I want a pony and a bike
But you don't believe in Santa, do ya?
It goes like this
your mom
your dad
there is no naughty
and there is no bad
the presents come from wal-mart, halleluja!

There she sat
in her comfy chair
I beat her like a recalcitrant mare
and from her lips
I drew a halleluja



you just made me snarf Diet Pepsi all over my keyboard, m@.


In general, I'm not one for Leonard Cohen covers ('cause his voice adds so much to the songs),

I'm actually of the exact opposite opinion. His songs are OK, but his voice just grates on me. Overall actually, to me, he's another one of those artists everybody raves about but I just sit there wondering what I'm supposed to be so impressed by. Sorry, but there you have it.


Different strokes for different folks, Jon.

Me, I think he's an incredible songwriter.


i really don't know how i got here (well, actually i do know a little bit, cause i was searching for lyrics) but i have to mention something.

rea garvey - hallelujah



I think the Halleluja song is great, especially the line
But You Don't Really Care For Music, Do You?
so i put out a compilation (in 2003) with that name of great, yet not too well-known Dutch indie bands.


theres this paki girl arooj aftab who covered it. awesome stuff.


I saw the leonard Cohen tribute concert by french chanteuse Daniele Pascal and was blown away.Eugene


These are the lyrics that John Cale eelscted from the stack Leonard Cohen sent him and they've become something of a vocal standard version. A few performers do the final verse, such as Leonard Cohen on his current tour. But, Cale, Jeff Buckley, Allison Crowe (my favorite), and most rock/pop versions don't include it. These days, with the song becoming so mainstream the more conservative acts are dropping the lines about tied you to a kitchen chair or remember when I moved in you .


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I'm not gonna lie I have never even heard of the guy. However, my itunes prorgam is already opening to see what kind of goodies he offers. Thanks for the suggestion! I just love some good, raw talent like this guy!


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hello zalman. maybe, just maybe, you'd rmmeeber me from years ago your mom and i were friends (still are, but with many years in between). I saw her for the first time in at least 8 years at trader joe's in tucson. i love that woman. she told me she was going up to see you and your show! Your art is engaging and as one of your fans said, joyful. i do love seattle and next time i come up, i'll see if you are in a gallery or show somewhere. meanwhile, my very best to you. i also knew your grandmother and loved her dearly. peg kazda in the world of hot ..


Sara: It's certainly cocnise!Jama: Glad to hear that.Kelly: I love how "I am wearing/ my hockey uniform/ from the Sixth Grade" manages to be humble and full of bravado at the same time.Wanda: Great quote. And unfortunately no, I missed that airing.Chris: I so badly want to see him in concert. I doubt he's planning a trip to Yellowknife anytime soon, though.Barbara: I'm assuming you also aren't a tenor?Allison: Are you into his music at all?Cathy: My old kindergarten teacher?! I'm flabbergasted that you remember me. I'm going to write you an email...


when i was in the church choir Posted on September 9, 2009 by momymmae i hope not to offend with this one. i don't talk about religion because it can be so polarizing, but goon squad sarah made me think of this when i read and commented on this post.


ik zat op de fuif op lpm(11/03/2010) het was kei goe ik zat achter in de zaal. Ik zat in de Instituut Maria Ombevlekt of te wel IMO. Frodo is van een paar vreandinven me weg gelopen. Elles aiment Frodo.


She is absolutely guogeors.It brings tears to my eyes. I think back many many years ago when my last one was born. They grow up so fast. PICTURES! PICTURES! Take as many as your fingers can snap! She is a miracle. Life at its' purest form!! GOD IS AWESOME!

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