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October 19, 2004


alan taylor

Excellent encapsulation - really nicely done. Thanks!

lex icon

Bah. Kerry lovers won't watch it any more than Bush lovers watched Michael Moore's "documentary." The undecideds are too stupid to use a television, so they won't see it, either.


lex icon, so this means that all TV political advertising is just wasted money? The candidates, parties, and outside groups obviously don't agree.

And while I don't agree with some of Moore's conclusions, I found no significant factual errors in his film. Nor did he drink the Kool-Aid, as Carlton Sherwood seems to have done.


Interesting facts:

Nearly 100 advertisers are joining in on boycotting Sinclair broadcasting.

The shareholders are threatening to sue, seeing as how the stock price has already taken a giant nosedive, and airing the documentary could concievably cause the FCC to deny licence renewals for Sinclair stations.


Good points, arto.

I see that their stock is going back up -- but is still incredibly volatile since they've apparently agreed not to show the whole thing. Crappy journalists and crappy businessmen; who'da thunk they went hand in hand?


Nice fucking post, friend.

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