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June 25, 2004



Yeah, why on earth would you want someone as good as Miller in the Democrat party anyway? He's only one of the most upstanding principled people in Congress, along with Ron Paul.

Miller had the decency to speak out against Sharpton as a Democrat candidate due to Sharpton's criminal history in the Tawana Brawley event.

Who else did? Everyone else somehow forgot Sharpton's history as king of the con, and watched him get down on SNL.

He opposes privatization of SocSec (which Bush mentioned as favorable in at least one SoU speech.)

He is in favor of abortion and stem cell research, positions that seem to resonate with members of the Democrat party, although many Democrats voted in favor of the now-overturned Partial Birth ban.

He favors more federal funding for health coverage. A largely Democrat position.

In fact, it seems to me that he is probably the best Democrat around, in that he holds many positions that resonate with Democrats and yet has found a way to appeal to Republicans as well.

In these days of such wide polarization, it seems to me a rare individual who can reach so many. Why you would want to give him up is beyond me.


...except he openly advocates against his own party's candidate for President, and for the opposition party's.

Does that logic make Schwarzenegger the best Republican around?

I'm all for positions that reach across party lines. But speaking at the other party's convention, in favor of their nominee, is just going too far.

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